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How to use this site

All stories are filed by the name of the interviewee, and have a full audio version with a short edited index. Most interviews are under an hour long, and some are recorded in multiple sessions. On the ‘interview’ page, simply click on the arrow to start the audio file, or move the cursor to the section you’d like to hear.

There are also videos and images in the ‘galleries’ section.

We take confidentiality seriously and use consent and release forms for all interviews. This ensures that the interviewee has control over the material that is made public. If portraits or audio clips are missing or incomplete, this is usually by request of the interviewees.

We aim to follow best industry practice using guidance from the Oral History Society and the British Library. Burwell Stories is continually changing as new material is gathered and technology advances. Although we try to make sure all details are correct, there may be errors within the text or captions: if you find any mistakes, please let us know so we can correct them.

We hope you enjoy listening to Burwell Stories and if you would like to join the project, as a volunteer or interviewee, or upload your historic images or videos of Burwell, please Contact us. .